Love unique, eclectic, and eccentric jewelry? Want to own a piece of jewelry that is completely one-of-a-kind?
My name is Lindsay, and if there's one thing I have a passion for, it's fashion. I've always loved quirky and unique jewelry and accessories. Of all the pieces I've acquired over the years, I've found that some of my favorites are pieces I have found from vintage and secondhand stores, flea markets and art shows. There's something so beautifully empowering about knowing that you are wearing something that is absolutely unique and one-of-a-kind. For the independent jewelry-wearer, there is nothing more amazing than to be able to wear a piece that you know nobody else has.
After years of acquiring a vast collection of jewelry, it suddenly occurred to me to try my hand at making my own. And so, armed with little more than a glue-gun, a pair of plyers, and a unique imagination, I set to work putting my own spins on current fashions and trends. With punky, vintage, retro, girly, and beachy influences, I created numerous pieces of jewelry that are completely one-of-a-kind.
Hopefully, I will be able to turn my passion into a profit and share my unique love for quirky styles with others. I'm always welcome to feedback, so don't be shy to tell me what you think!
Love always, ♥
Lindsay Trone

To purchase any of my jewelry, visit my page on

All jewelry is also available to view and purchase off my official Facebook Page for Lindsay Trone Unique Jewelry:!/pages/Lindsay-Trone-Unique-Jewelry/230185750340187

Email: LindsayTroneUniqueJewelry@

22nd August 2014

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I was born in July.  Totally accurate.

I was born in July.  Totally accurate.

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11th June 2014

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1st June 2014

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1st June 2014

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At first they said I was too fame. Then I was too dark. Then I was too gay. Now I’m too ‘artsy.


At first they said I was too fame. Then I was too dark. Then I was too gay. Now I’m too ‘artsy.

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1st June 2014

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Things I want right meow.

Things I want right meow.

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29th May 2014

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Dolce & Gabbana

Perfect hair and perfect hair accessories.

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28th May 2014

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Quvenzhane Wallis Named Face Of Armani Junior

Making her the “first major child celebrity to be the face of a luxury brand.” 

“Quvenzhane is so talented, despite her young age. Her kindness, curiosity and openness towards others really struck me, as they are all traits I admire. It is for this very reason that I wanted her to be the face of Armani Junior. With her insatiable energy, Quvenzhane made the clothing come alive, interpreting it in her own singular way,” says Giorgio Armani.


The perfect choice!

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28th May 2014

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I found the new hair I want!

I found the new hair I want!

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28th May 2014

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These Fabulous Swimsuits Are Designed Specifically for Breast Cancer Survivors

And they’re modelled by some seriously glam women.

This is amazing.

Everybody deserves to look and feel beautiful if they want to.  It makes me so happy to see these survivors looking so at peace with themselves and their bodies.

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11th May 2014

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I swear to every heaven ever imagined,
if I hear one more dead-eyed hipster
tell me that art is dead, I will personally summon Shakespeare
from the grave so he can tell them every reason
why he wishes he were born in a time where
he could have a damn Gmail account.
The day after I taught my mother
how to send pictures over Iphone she texted
me a blurry image of our cocker spaniel ten times in a row.
Don’t you dare try to tell me that that is not beautiful.
But whatever, go ahead and choose to stay in
your backwards-hoping-all-inclusive club
while the rest of us fall in love over Skype.
Send angry letters to state representatives,
as we record the years first sunrise so
we can remember what beginning feels like when
we are inches away from the trigger.
Lock yourself away in your Antoinette castle
while eat cake and tweet to the whole universe that we did.
Hashtag you’re a pretentious ass hole.
Van Gogh would have taken 20 selflies a day.
Sylvia Plath would have texted her lovers
nothing but heart eyed emojis when she ran out of words.
Andy Warhol would have had the worlds weirdest Vine account,
and we all would have checked it every morning while we
Snap Chat our coffee orders to the people
we wish were pressed against our lips instead of lattes.
This life is spilling over with 85 year olds
rewatching JFK’s assassination and
7 year olds teaching themselves guitar over Youtube videos.
Never again do I have to be afraid of forgetting
what my fathers voice sounds like.
No longer must we sneak into our families phonebook
to look up an eating disorder hotline for our best friend.
No more must I wonder what people in Australia sound like
or how grasshoppers procreate.
I will gleefully continue to take pictures of tulips
in public parks on my cellphone
and you will continue to scoff and that is okay.
But I hope, I pray, that one day you will realize how blessed
you are to be alive in a moment where you can google search
how to say I love you in 164 different languages.

b.e.fitzgerald (Art is a Facebook status about your winter break.)


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To everyone I follow,

Don’t ever feel like you’re clogging up my feed.  Don’t ever hesitate to post something about your day or a picture of yourself.  I follow you because I want to see YOU and know about YOU.

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